No.1 Tea Room

Townhouse Bed & Breakfast

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When you visit Skipton, why not take advantage of our new tea room inside Town House B &B where we have a fantastic selection of delicious range of home baked breads, savouries and cakes. We also cater for vegetarian and vegan dietary needs. All this at some of the best prices in the area and a warm welcome, combine to make it the Number 1 Tea Room in Skipton! Give it a try now and decide for yourself! While you're here, enjoy the art work contributed by some of the best photographers and artists who also herald from the Skipton area! All images on display can be purchased from us in various sizes, frame and mount styles, on canvass etc.

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We would like to say a huge thank you to all who have contributed and helped to get No. 1 Tea Room up and running. This includes Dean Majors (aka The Backman), Rebecca Bridges (photographer), Jonathan Drinnan (Photographer - JDPhotography), Michael Green (photographer), Pawel Skokowski (photographer), Robin Moule (Journalist - Craven Herald). 

For all enquiries please contact Jackie on 07962 227106 or email

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