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Le Caveua bar area an example of where to dine in Skipton
Le Caveua Skipton bar area

Find places to eat and drink in and around the Skipton area. We are very fortunate in Skipton to have a wealth of great places where you can enjoy a gastronomic delight. Go spoil yourselves with so many choices of great places for food and drink!

Visit Le Caveau restaurant or Brodys Bistro to see why they’re both listed below among our favourites. They are sited in and above respectively, the old dungeons. Both of course now offer a much more welcoming and far more amenable ambience! There are some reminders here though of the history which these building have witnessed over the decades. You can see many relics and reminders here of the past. Some adorn the walls and features of the modern day buildings, and bear testament to the same.

Ideas for dining in Skipton

You can enjoy traditional pub food or a fine dining experience at one of the many great restaurants and bars in town. We feel confident you will also enjoy it, wherever you go. Many of the restaurants have won prestigious awards and accolades. More in fact than in many towns and cities which are considerably larger than Skipton.

In Skipton, there are many different types and styles of cuisine from around the globe. Thereby ensuring no matter what your preference may be, you’re bound to find something you like. We have also compiled a list of some of our favourites, which although not comprehensive, does offer a good deal of choices to hopefully inspire you and ensure a great experience.

Please follow the link “Where to dine” to see our recommendations and enjoy. You may even want to get in touch and let us know if you feel we may have inadvertently left out one of your favoured choices and we are always open to suggestions of new places to try.